Chandan Yatra for Kids!

chandan yatra for kids

This summer festival is celebrated for 21 days from May 15th to June 4th in this auspicious Vaishak month. Chandan or sandalwood paste is a very cooling substance so it is applied on the Deities during the summer season for Their pleasure.

This festival will transport us to the magical world of Krishna’s adventures! Every day for 21 days you will get free access to Krishna’s wonderful adventures along with a sloka or a rhyme, fun facts as well as a creative activity in relation to the story.

By the end of this Chandan Yatra for Kids program, you will have your own unique, handmade pop-up book with Krishna’s adventures.

Please follow these steps and register to participate

Would you like to enter the magical world of Goloka Vrindavana?

Follow these steps:

1. Sign up by filling the registration form.
2. Like and follow our Facebook page (ISKCON Congregation – Children Services) and join our Facebook group (ISKCON Children Services).
3. Check our Facebook page/ group daily to receive the day’s activities.
4. Join our Whatsapp group (find the link for joining in the registration form).
5. Join our online sangas every Saturday at 18:00pm IST on Zoom!
6. Share this program with others and nominate at least 1 friend!

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